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.NET Fedex Calculator for any .NET Shopping Cart
.Net tools & utilities
15 Seconds' Frequently Asked Questions
3D Stacked Horizontal Bar Graph Documentation
A collection of sites that do calculations for you.
A Powerful Combination--Charting in .Net using SVG
A Programmer's introduction to ASP
Active Server Pages .Com
ADO Connections - Able Consulting
Apache HTTP Server Project
AS/400 Stored Procedures
ASP and Stored Procedures
ASP Dot Net Storefront - Sample VB.NET Code Fragments
ASP frequently asked questions - Common Problems with ASP VBScript
ASP Help, ASP Tutorials, ASP Programming, ASP Code - Web Hosting
ASP Links
ASP to ASP.NET Migration Guide
ASP.NET Bar Chart Graph
Bar Graph With ASP And No Components
Building a simple login page with Flash MX, ASP and Microsoft Access
Building an ASP.NET Shopping Cart Using DataTables
C# Corner
Code 800 Errors in VBScript / WSH
Converting ASP to ASP.NET
Create A Graph
Create a PDF from a Stored Procedure
Create a Trigger (or better, a Stored Procedure) in SQL Server to validate against another table
Credit Card Number Validator
Credit Card Validation Routine
Database Management Systems
DB2 Universal Database for iSeries - SQL Messages and Codes
DB2 Universal Database for iSeries SQL Reference - Isolation Level
Dot Net Spider
Dynamic Drive
Easy400 Deliverables
EDUMAX - Learn Free
EggHead Café'
Embedded SQL Programming Guide - DB2
Extreme Visual Basic
Free Site
Free VB Code
Future Designers
How To Distribute Your Survey
How to Iterate Multidimensional Arrays in VB.Net
How to run an ASP page with Parameters from SQL Server
HOW-TO for inHouse IntraNet
IBM DB2 Universal Database: Online Information
IBM DB2 Universal Database: Online Information
IBM's AS/400
Index of Unix and cross-platform software, themes and related "eye-candy", and Palm OS software
Introducing Longhorn for Developers
Introduction to .NET, Hello World, and a Quick Look Inside the .NET Runtime
JavaScript Bar Graph Control
Javascripting Source
Know Dot Net
Library of Free ASP Scripts
Mask you e-mail address on your website.
Mathew Reynolds' .NET 247
Merschant's Encyclopedia of HTML
Microsoft .Net Development Center
Microsoft .Net Framework SDK QuickStart Tutorials
Microsoft ASP.Net Tutorials
Microsoft Developer Tools Roadmap
Microsoft Download Center
Microsoft Web Casts
Microsoft Windows Script
Much ADO About Text Files
No IP address - Dynamic DNS
Passing an array (CSV) to a stored procedure with data validation, no loops, no self joins - Just Replace
Programming Tutorials
Quick Code .Net
RC4 Encryption Using ASP & VBScript
Shopping Cart in ASP.NET using VB.NET
Should I use a view, a stored procedure, or a user-defined function?
Simple ASP Bar Graph
Sloppy Code
Snippets Library
Solution Title: Isolation Levels, Locking & Deadlocks
SQL for Web Nerds
SQL Server-Related Database Web Sites
SSW Knowledge Base - ASP.Net Hot Tip
SSW Knowledge Base - SQL Server 2000 Hot Tip
SSW Knowledge Base - SSW SQL Auditor
Tech Treasure - Difference between user defined function and stored procedure
Tech Treasure - Triggres in SQL Sever
Tech Tutorials
The Gamble Family .Net
The simplest way to pull images out of a SQL Server database using an .asp file
The World Wide Web Consortium
TheFreeSite.com: Free Counters and Trackers
University of Winnipeg
Use the Correct ASP (ADO) Syntax to Enable Connection Pooling for Best SQL Server Performance
Using RPG to build AS/400 Web Applications
Using SQL Server Stored Procedures To Prevent SQL Injection
VB.Net Heaven
VB.Net Tutorials and Code Samples - MREDKJ
VB6 Error Codes List
VBScript Date & Time Functions
VBScript Interfaces in SQL Server 2000 Let You Transform Data and Provide Reports to Your Users
VBScript Tutorial
Visio Viewer 2003
Visual Studio Samples: Duwamish 7.0
W3Schools - Web Hosting E-Commerce
WebMonkey - JavaScripting
Working With Business Objects .NET
Working with MS Access Stored Procedures in VB.NET
Working XML: Using XSLT for content management
ZDNet Downloads